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Supportive services are available for adult and youth survivors of violence regarding the emotional impact of trauma they have experienced. Trauma resulting from intimate partner violence can be challenging to cope with leaving survivors with feelings of fear, anger, shame, guilt, and worthlessness. Supportive listening provides a safe space for survivors to talk about experiences and recognize the role that trauma has played. Services also include referrals to counseling with a licensed counselor as requested. 

Supportive services are available for both residential (in-shelter) and non-residential survivors. Individual appointments are offered at no charge by calling (906) 524-7078.


We offer one-on-one visits with survivors to provide emotional support, exploration of feelings, assistance with safety planning and information about options. To talk with an advocate or to make an appointment please call our Help and Support Line at (906) 524-7078.

Topics include: 

  • The range of "normal" trauma reactions
  • Help to minimize feelings of fear, shame, and stigma
  • Help to identify emotional triggers that may cause feelings of being overwhelmed and "out of control"
  • Help to identify strategies that contribute to feeling comforted and empowered
  • Help develop and use personal safety plans to help prevent crises
  • Tools and supports for creating physical and emotional safety when appropriate

Support Groups

We offer support group options that are responsive to community needs. Support groups are designed to create a safe environment where survivors who have been affected by intimate partner violence at any point in their lifetime can engage confidentially with advocates and other survivors affected by these forms of violence. Free child care is provided during groups.

  • Directed by trained staff, our goal is to facilitate group healing through discussion, support, and empowerment.
  • Support group meetings are for both residential and non-residential survivors 
  • Group support offers a helpful and safe environment where victims and family members can seek information and healing
  • All discussions in group support meetings are confidential


Topics Include:

  • Domestic violence dynamics and gender roles
  • Coping strategies and their impacts on safety and wellbeing (both protective and risk factors)
  • The effects of domestic violence on children
  • Helping children to cope with the realities of domestic violence
  • Empowerment through information and realization
  • Strength from within
  • Positive parenting
  • Budgeting and planning

Please contact (906) 524-7079 for more information, including the dates/times for empowerment support groups.

Information about available Domestic Violence Intervention options for the survivor.

Our Impact Last Year (FY2022)

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  • Financial Assistance to Survivors

    more than $12,000

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    More than $36,000

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